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Puppy Deposit

Get on the Waitlist

Are you ready to pick the perfect puppy for you? The cost of a puppy ranges between $1500 and $3500. You must contact Cali Doodles for more information to ensure that your planned pick-up date is accepted. The cost to reserve a spot on the waitlist is a NON-REFUNDABLE fee of $200. This will go towards the total cost of your puppy. The deposit only applies to any puppy wanting to be held for pickup before the official Go Home Day listed at the top of each litter. If the Go Home Day has already passed, the full payment is due upon taking home the puppy.

Please contact us before making a payment. If you want us to hold your puppy beyond the Go Home Date, listed next to the litter, you must contact us before placing a deposit. We take cash, Cashier's Check, Venmo, PayPal & CashApp.

Puppy Deposit / Payment Options

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