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Puppy Homeschool


Puppy Homeschool

As a homeschooling family, we have learned that every child is unique in how they respond to types of curriculum. Homeschooling offers that opportunity to grow and enrich each individual successfully. Puppies are no different. They need a healthy, loving and dog centered environment in which to grow and thrive. As we raised our pups, it was fascinating to watch their accelerated growth. Finding a puppy curriculum was absolutely vital in meeting each of their milestones. After much research we fell totally in love with Jeanette Forrey’s: The Ultimate Badass Breeder’s Guide. Her curriculum helps us, the Breeder, identify personality types in each of our puppies. After reading her guide back-to-back, we went forward and took her intensive Puppy Evaluation Course, which certified us in evaluating puppy personality types. As parents, we needed a dog that could meet the specific needs of our young kids, which is very different from what an active family dog, retired couple dog, or therapy service dog might require. It took us years of trial and error to finally find the perfect match for our family. Now, Jeanette's course has made the process so much easier. She's a true canine superhero! Our dogs are our family, and her courses has given us so much relief and excitement in helping identify their perfect forever homes.

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Our Routine Before Puppies Go Home

From 5 weeks old to Go Home Day, we try to keep our puppies busy! They are ready to take on the world and giving them lots of ways to explore builds a great foundation for positive curiosity. We are crate training, potty training on pine trays, temperament evaluating,  swimming, allowing play with small/young children, recalling, fetching, and more! Puppies need a lot of exposure stimulation in these last few weeks in order for them to feel safe when conquering on to greater things in their new forever homes. We try to give them as much exposures as we can! Below is an example of our routine before your puppy goes home. This is not a routine I would recommend copying exactly, however, it is a great way for you to take what we do and help transition your new puppy into doing whatever you want to do together in the most successful way possible!

I'm dreaming of Puppy Days
Our Routine
Baxter & Bella

Getting Ready For Go Home


Before you even take home your puppy, you should have somewhat of an idea of what they might need. Food, water, a doggie bed and toys? That’s great! Basic needs are essential to our pups. But what do you do when your pup cries for it’s litter mates? What do you do when your pup pees in it’s puppy bed, crate or (gasp!) your furniture? How do you tell your puppy that chewing on the furniture is wrong but chewing toys is exciting? What is your potty training plan or  crate training plan? How do you plan to transition your pup to free ranging around the house? These are all questions that most dog owners don’t realize need to be addressed until they’re faced with that situation in that moment. Baxter & Bella is an amazing program that addresses all of these problems immediately, right from the comfort of your home. They start out their program with the New Puppy Starter/Survival Kit. This helps with preparation on what to expect before you bring your puppy home, as well as, that first week of transitioning them in your home. Their webpage is easy to use with a search bar so that you can quickly jump to areas that you need assistance in. They also offer 24/7 live support, all included in their one time fee. Their memberships cost $178, with a 25% off discount with our code: CALIDOODLES. We love their program because it is a one-time fee for a lifetime membership. They are professional trainers, therapists and implement the same positive reinforcement training as AKC’s Canine Good Citizen. If you start to feel confident in your training, you can put it to the side. But if a big life transition, such as a move, new work hours or a new dog walker enter your lives, then Baxter & Bella will always be there to assist in big transitions and regressions. Training is the number one thing that keeps dogs out of the shelters and seeking professional help is VITAL to a successful relationship with your new pup.

What Can Baxter & Bella Offer You?

What Does Training Look Like?

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