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Puppy Homeschool


Our Conundrum!

Any family who homeschools with their children will tell you that children are not one size fits all; likewise, neither are puppies. There are so many factors that make each child and puppy so special and unique. We have young kids in our home which means that we needed a very specific dog personality, which would be a very different type of dog from an active family dog, retired couple dog or therapy service dog. After years of trial and error, we finally found our two girls that have become best friends to our children and the best thing to happen to us, the parents! As we start to get closer to Ruby's first litter, I started to get pure anxiety! What do I do with all of these super different and unique puppies?? There is only so much time in the day: I have to walk the dogs, school the kids, play, cook, clean, etc. The thought of another one (or ten) that will have needs that need to be met made me realize we needed the structure of a puppy curriculum from a professional, just like we give to our kids. This is how I came across Jeanette Forrey's: The Ultimate Badass Breeder's Guide. Her program gives great insight on how to place puppies into correct families. As soon as I gobbled up her BAB Guide, I decided to jump into her 5 class Puppy Evaluation Course. There is so much trial and error in finding the right dogs for families, but she has made it so much easier. She is truly a canine superhero! My dogs are my kids, and her course has given me so much relief and excitement in finding their perfectly, unique homes.

Our Favorite Find

Because we homeschool it was only natural for us to find a puppy curriculum. So my goal was to find a program that could adequately help me assess puppies, their strengths & weaknesses, in order to find their perfect home. Some of the things that we will do with puppies, before they go home, is the Badass Breeder Puppy Curriculum and Evaluation. The first few weeks are so crucial for mommy bonding time with her pups. We take this very seriously. With that, the BAB program has created an amazing early scent introduction kit to help encourage the nose in puppies as young as 3 days old. Her puppy curriculum will also have an early neurological stimulation section that introduces a variety of items to encourage puppies to explore their environment with open curiosity. At four weeks old we start to increase human touch experiences to face, eyes, ears and body. All our puppies will need regular grooming and this will help improve tolerance!! At six weeks old is when we really start to challenge our pups with activities in order to assess individual temperaments within a litter. We will start to introduce the pool and swimming lessons at this age, too. In Fresno, CA the temperatures are high so all our dogs have access to our pool at all times. In the last week, right before go home day, is when we will evaluate our puppies based on the BAB Puppy Score Card. This is essential for us to evaluate what kind of home the puppy belongs to in order to find, what Jeanette Forrey has termed, “the magic match”.

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